Analysis of Stephen King’s Carrie In-Class synchronous reading response For


Analysis of Stephen King’s Carrie 

In-Class synchronous reading response 

For One (1) of the questions below, produce 500 – 750 word reading response. Remember: your assignment must ANALYZE the text. Don’t bother with summary; you won’t have time. You can assume that your reader will be familiar with the text.

1. One of the most fascinating things about King’s Carrie is that, through its epistolary structure and polyvocal form, the author forces readers to come to their own conclusions about the titular character.

So…who (or what) is Carrie? Is she a victim? A villain? An anti-heroine? A divine punishment for the inhabitants of Chamberlain? All of these? Something else?

Make an argument for how readers should interpret the protagonist of the novel. Why do you feel the way you do about Carrie—and why should we listen to you? BE sure to provide textual support from the text and include proper MLA citations.

2. Poe has often been called a master of the macabre. Much has been made of the use of narrators in his stories (e.g., “The Black Cat” or “The Tell-Tale Heart”) Analyze his use of narration in “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.”

3. Horror is a much-maligned genre; some have even claimed that it’s inherently sadistic, immoral, and/or pornographic. In his work “why we crave scary movies,” King writes: “The mythic horror movie, like the sick joke, has a dirty job to do. It deliberately appeals to all that is worst in us.”

Defend OR refute King’s statement using either Carrie or Poe’s “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.” Be sure to provide evidence from the text.

4. In her work on Stephen King’s novel Misery, scholar Kathleen Lant argues that King’s representations of female characters are particularly problematic. (In fact, Lant heavily implies that the author is a misogynist.) However, some have viewed Carrie as a quintessentially feminist text. How feminist is King’s book? How are women portrayed in the novel, and what can we take from this?

COMM 3320 Work 1 Assignment

Rough Draft of Work 1 Due: Sept 17, 2021 (E-MAIL)

Work 1 Due: September 29, 2021 (TURN IT IN)

Find people in a real-life conflict who would like your advice, or who will at least talk to you about a conflict they’re in. Alternatively, for this coursework help, you can select a conflict you are/were involved in. Interview the parties involved, asking them their perspective on the conflict. Briefly describe the conflict, analyze the conflict using course material (e.g. use the conflict definition to show why this is a conflict, use some of the theories from the textbook or outside sources to analyze the conflict, etc.) and make concrete suggestions as to how the conflict can best be managed, based on information from the textbook and outside sources. If you are one of the conflict parties, make suggestions for your own conflict behavior.

Describe and assess as much of the conflict as needed to make your suggestions understandable. Focus on explaining what you see as the principle problem(s) and then explaining exactly how your suggestions address those problems. Be concise and precise in your writing. Be realistic in your suggestions. Use the conclusion to restate the principal problems and the reasoning for your suggested management techniques. This work will likely have three major parts: an intro describing the conflict; an analysis section in this assignment help which examines the conflict with the help of academic reference material; a recommendation section in which you offer potential solutions to manage the conflict effectively.

The work should be 5-7 pages in length (12 pt. font, 1 inch margins) and be spell-checked, proof- read, and grammatically correct. A reference page should be attached, and your work MUST include at least five references (journal articles from library or book chapters). Your textbook can be used for one of the five references. The work must be written in APA format.

Grading Criteria

Criteria for Written Activities will be followed in assessing this assignment (See separate sheet in this packet).

What Do I Need To Turn In?

Your interview questions and interview notes.

A 5-7 page work (not including cover page and reference page(s).


Is the work well organized and well written?

________Topic clear right at the beginning.

________Main points to be made in work are previewed in the first paragraph.

________Topic headings used to mark major issues/concerns.

________Transitional sentences make clear linkages between paragraphs and 


________All main points in preview are addressed

________It is easy to follow the organization pattern (logical, sequential)

________Sentences are well crafted, grammatically correct, clear and concise. 

Word choice should enhance not inhibit the accessibility of your ideas 

(i.e., write what you mean as directly as you possibly can ).

________Writing is in author’s own words (e.g., avoiding excessive quotation). 

Does the content demonstrate the author’s mastery of the subject matter?

________Terminology and jargon are used correctly and defined clearly and 


________Use of course concepts I theories reflects a clear understanding of their 


________Comparisons between course concepts and real-life examples are 

reasonable, useful and insightful.

________Conclusions of the author are clear and concisely presented. 

Does the content demonstrate insight on the part of the student author?

________It is clear that the student has achieved new insight into the subject. 

________The student is able to teach the subject matter through his/her writing 

________The student shows a depth of reflection on the topic in his/her writing.

Generally speaking: 

D work – are challenging to read because they contain so many grammatical and sentence structure errors. The main topics, and how those topics are being addressed, are not clear.

C work – meet all of the requirements, adequately and accurately explore the topic and are clearly written, well organized, and at least minimally interesting to read .

B work – exceed basic requirements in several areas, and are very well written. Draws from more challenging literature/material, insightful and creative in presentation and/or analysis, teaches the course material to the reader in its application and use of terminology and theory.

A work – are exceptionally well written, exceeding requirements in many areas. Translates complex ideas with uncommon clarity, and provokes the reader to think about the topic in new ways. Draws from very challenging literature/material; provides appropriate references to authors and theorist names; teaches the course material to the reader in such a way as to enhance understanding of it.

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