Based on your review of Module 12 materials, please respond

Based on your review of Module 12 materials, please respond to the following discussion prompts. To be considered for full credit on this assignment you must respond to all parts of the provided prompts. Relating your response to the module content is strongly encouraged. Please keep in mind that this is a Discussion Post and your classmates will be able to read your response. Accordingly, make sure you continue to uphold our class guidelines for constructive, professional, and respectful discourse. Keep up the great work! 

NO MORE THAN 300 words 

Discussion Prompts

1)  What is your reaction to the data presented in this chapter about the relationship between immigration and crime? Are these data surprising? Not surprising? Do you think these data are reflected in most people’s views of immigration issues? Why or why not?

2)  How do you feel about the involvement of local and state law enforcement in the enforcement of federal immigration law? Do the potential benefits outweigh the costs or the costs outweigh the benefits? Why?

  • There are several resources in the “Optional Content: Links and Further Readings” section of the module that may help inform your argument for prompt 2. All the links and articles from the “ICE Overview of the 287(g) program” down to the bottom of the list are related to this issue. The Police Foundation (2009)provides a direct discussion of pros and cons (although it is a bit dated). 

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