Below is the requirements. Attached is the information that is

Below is the requirements. Attached is the information that is needed to included. 

Research Proposal Required Components 

The research problem and hypotheses (2 – 3 pages) 

  • Clarity of statement of purpose
  • Quality of justification for the study 
    • Logical argument for need presented
    • Data supporting need is included
  • Clarity, feasibility, and significance of the research question
  • Quality of research and null hypotheses
  • Clarity of definitions of key terms (observable)
  • Limitations
  • Review of Literature (3-5 pages)
    • Quality of the summary and integration of at least five primary source articles
  • Description of Methods and Procedures (3 – 4 pages)
    • Quality and relevance of research design
      • Independent and dependent variables are identified
      • Research design is specified and is appropriate
    • Quality of the design for sample selection is specified and justified
    • Specification of instrumentation and how variables will be measured
      • Validity and reliability of instruments is documented
      • A sample data table is included and appropriate.
    • Quality of description of ethical considerations, i.e. possible harm to subjects, informed consent, IRB approval
      • Procedures for how you will implement your project are described and appropriate.
      • Quality of internal and external validity of research project
    • References of all sources in APA format (1 page)
    • Writing and APA format

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