Find an operations-based company you are familiar with and research

Find an operations-based company you are familiar with and research it’s use of suppliers.  First, take a look at what companies have already been reported on and try not to duplicate what someone else has analyzed.  Then research whether your chosen company makes any of it’s own products, or does it outsource all or most of it’s components and finished products.  Where does it source, internationally or domestically?  See if you can get a macro-picture to report to the class regarding this company’s products and how it uses a supply chain to source components and/or finished products.  Product manufacturing companies you are familiar with are a good place to start, however, it’s also interesting to find a company that maybe no one has heard much about.  Once you have found a company you are interested in reporting on for this Discussion, begin by describing this company’s products and then their supply chain network.  Finally, see if you can identify the primary risks this company has with it’s sourcing. 

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