1st Link – What


  1. 1st Link – What we are basing our project on 2nd Link – The simulation we will be using to conduct the experiment 3rd Link – Our Lab Report
  2. [11:28 PM]What we planned: Lab Report finish by Dec 8, 9PM – We are basically rewriting the lab report sent on 1st link. Remember not to plagiarize LOL. You can conduct the experiment yourself to get your own data and you can use the lab report (1st link) as a reference. There are 7 topics and 7 ppl in our group so we will EACH be doing a topic.   PowerPoint finish by Dec 9, 10:30PM – There are 7 topics so we’ll have slides according to those topics. Your assigned topic is what you will be discussing in your slides. You can simply put bullet points of what you typed on our lab report. Include pics!! (: After you finish your slides, you will be making audio clips based off what you typed on our lab report. Pls send audio clips (voice memos) to me so I can finish the presentation sooner.  PowerPoint Presentation finish by Dec 10 9PM (latest) – If you need more time w audio clips, pls send me them before 1PM on Dec 9 so I have time to edit and put all the audio and ppt together. If you need more time to send in audio clips pls let us know!! (:  PowerPoint Comments finish by Dec 12 11:59PM – Professor says we have to comment on 2 other groups presentation. We all do this individually.

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