Max two pages single-spaced. Use your text (Chapter 15 and

Max two pages single-spaced. Use your text (Chapter 15 and references therein) and research from the internet.  Source your information.  (60 points)

  1. You are an intern at the CDC.  You have been asked to conceptualize an independent health services research study focused on HIV/AIDS-Related Illness among Hispanic Women living in California.  Your supervisor has given you free reign to conceptualize the study. 
  2. Conduct a literature review.  List five sources in APA style format.
  3. Chose and describe an aim or purpose for your study and the research question/hypothesis. Propose a study methodology, including population and sampling, sample size determination, measurement, data sources, and data collection methods and analysis.  Explain your choices.
  4. Original work and use credible sources such as peer-reviewed journals, Google scholar.

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