Often there are more than words or online imagery in


Often there are more than words or online imagery in your workspace—it might be children or pets or roommates or spouses. It might at times seem like you have information overload—as if you were standing in the middle of Times Square, New York, or Piccadilly Circus, London. Even the most focused and dedicated student can be easily distracted.

Often when focusing on one task, you lose track of others. That is why it is important to have a plan for stepping out of your other roles and into your new role as student. Don’t be tugged by online distractions—keep your place. Staying focused is a professional competency.

You all have multiple roles in life, and maybe “student” is a new role for you. Being engaged in the work requires you to plan, prioritize and create a space where learning takes place; to combat a feeling of selfishness that you might feel.

For this Discussion you will consider how to address distractions you might encounter as a student at Walden.

To prepare for the Discussion:

  • Read the Week 2 Learning Resources. 
  • Review the Discussion Rubric.

By Day 3

Post a response at least 200–300 words to the following prompts. Use the writing resources, writing examples, and the Discussion Rubric to develop your post. 


  • How can you distinguish between important tasks and urgent ones?
  • How do you sort through information and select the most important elements to focus on? 
  • Do you need to go to your own Walden Pond? What would that look like?
  • How might you respond to a digital detox?
  • Select at least one of the week’s resources to include in your discussion.  

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