Overview Over the course of the semester, you may earn


Over the course of the semester, you may earn up to 8 points of extra credit toward your final grade. One way to earn this credit is to participate in research. The Department of Communication has recently changed the way it tracks research participation. Research opportunities will be linked below. To receive credit, choose the study you would like to participate in, and click on the corresponding link. One hour of research is worth 3 points toward your final grade.


For ONLINE studies, complete the entire survey, then be sure to also complete the follow-up survey with your identifying information. After that, you will receive a completion message which includes your name and the name of the course you completed the survey for. Take a screenshot of that message (i.e. screengrab) and attach that image here.

For IN PERSON studies, the Principle Investigator conducting the research will provide you proof of participation to submit here. 

Available studies

Attorney Attire


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