Paper A Paper of 1500 words is required. The paper



A Paper of 1500 words is required. The paper should be reflective on how your negotiation skills have changed as a result of taking this class. It further should either (1) select a current topic that involves negotiations and recommend a negotiation approach that will lead to a successful negotiation for both sides or (2) summarize a prior negotiation and discuss how you would negotiate differently based on the lessons from the class. For example, topics may include negotiations on trade talks, between unions and employers or salary negotiations for a professional athlete (taking into account issues like overall team salary, and any related salary caps). You may also use personal negotiations if you prefer. You should use the concepts discussed in the class throughout your paper. 

All papers should be double spaced, 12 point font, 1” margin, and include citations in the body of the paper. Citation formatting can be either MLA or APA but the same format should be used throughout the paper. 

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