(SOLVED) Explain the best methods to deal effectively with blood and body fluids spillages

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Question #2: a. Explain the best methods to deal effectively with blood and body fluids spillages? b. Explain the best methods of cleaning service user equipment? c. Explain the safe disposal of sharps in a Homecare setting? d. Discuss how to manage an inoculation Injury correctly or accidental exposure to blood & body fluids?

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Blood and body fluid spillages can be effectively cleaned by wiping with water and then using detergent to make it visibly clean. Saturating the area gain with hypochloite makes it not only visibly clean but make us far from contaminating diseases.


Generally service user equipment are cleaned by detergent than disinfecting it with a disinfectant but this may change for some special equipment. Those special equipments may be cleaned in some other special process, it is dependent on equipment.


Don't dispose sharps in a waste plastic bag/ dustbin. Don't carry sharps for a long distances. Handle sharps carefully. Put the sharps in sharps disposable container immediately after using. Don't be negligent in disposing sharps.


Hold the wound under water

Wash the wound under water

Do not suck the wound

Dry the wound

Cover wound with water proof plaster or dressing.