(SOLVED) How did my protein intake in grams ( 68.10) compare to my RDA (40)????

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How did my protein intake in grams ( 68.10) compare to my RDA (40)????

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Protein is crucial since a person's health can be jeopardised if they consume too much or too little. The body will not be able to mend correctly or operate effectively without protein.aThis involves cell development and repair, as well as hormone, red blood cell, and enzyme production.

The amount of protein required by an individual varies based on a number of variables. As a result, it's critical to make sure people get enough protein based on their unique circumstances.

Protein intake that is either high or too low might cause health problems. Protein consumption must be balanced for good health and appropriate body function.

We know ,

RDA is about 0.8g of protein per kg.

Sometimes an increase in the amount of protein intake is associated with Bone loss , Weight increase , but these are usually not the cases and it has been shown in many studies that eating four times the required daily allowance does not cause any harm to the patient .

Eating even four times the required dietary allowance has no correlation with causing kidney failure or impairment of kidney function.

Thus , eating a little more than the RDA does not necessarily mean any harm and is actually beneficial in cases where a person is undergoing resistance training or is trying to lose weight.