Read and Answer the questions based on the reading: What

Read and Answer the questions based on the reading:

  1. What is the purpose of a task schedule and what four steps go into preparing one? 
  2. Your team should first identify major tasks that will need to be completed. These include eight team-written documents, so it probably makes sense to break down the task schedule based on these documents, and to update the task schedule each time one of the documents is completed. What tasks do you think will be/were necessary to complete the Team Charter? 
  3. Why is it a good idea to assign tasks based on motivation rather than experience? What real-world experience does assigning tasks like this mirror? 
  4. How could assigning primary and secondary tasks to each member be helpful for each team member, and for the team as a whole? How would this also help avoid a gendered division of labor within your team? 
  5. What are contribution values, and how can they be calculated? What should you watch out for in terms of assigning contribution values to writing vs technical tasks? 
  6. Most of the time, creating a simple Word or Excel chart will suffice for the task schedule. However, there are also more sophisticated options and software out there for scheduling team tasks. What are some of these, and do any of them seem like they could be useful for your team?

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