Refer to at least three learning resources in your response


Refer to at least three learning resources in your response to this topic. You may draw your references from the learning resources assigned for any week of this course:

  • Of all the issues we learned about in class concerning women’s issues, which did you find the most important? Why did you choose this issue? What do you see as the future of this issue in terms of gender equality and feminism?
  • What have you learned that you will take with you outside this classroom? Is there anything you will share with others?

Original Post: Provide your initial post which responds to the Discussion prompt by 11:59 pm on Friday. Initial question responses posted after Friday but before the end of the class week on Tuesday earn a maximum of 70/80 possible points for the original post. Your initial post should be at least 250-300 words in length, excluding the discussion prompt and the references. Posts should engage meaningfully with at least three assigned learning resources. 

We should all be feminist –

 NBCNews. (2020, July 23). AOC slams Rep. Yoho in House floor speech, says ‘having a daughter does not make a man decent’ [Video]. YouTube. 

 COVID-19 and its economic toll on women: The story behind the numbers. (2020, September 16). UN Women. 

 Hasanagic, A. (n.d.). 25 organizations fighting for gender equality. Human Rights Careers Magazine. 

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