Social media can help you create opportunities and have a


Social media can help you create opportunities and have a positive impact as well.  

Here are some examples of a positive social media impact. 

  • Social media can help you meet mentors to help guide your career or education goals. 
  • Social media can motivate you to strive for greatness. 
  • Social media can lead to more communication. 
  • Social media can be used to spread social awareness and kindness.  

Here are some negative social media impact. 

  • Inappropriate photos or messages could affect you getting a new job or promotion. 
  • Communication skills tend to be laxed on social media and does not demonstrate one’s ability to communicate effectively.  
  • Social media can cause an employer to question your professionalism. 

What can you do to make sure social media does not have a negative impact on your professional life? 

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