Solve exercise 4 using Excel. The purpose of this exercise

Solve exercise 4 using Excel. The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize yourself with the manual data manipulation functionalities within Excel to develop a cluster analysis.

When you have finished manipulating the data in your Excel sheet for exercise 4, use the information you have synthesized to write a one-page (maximum), single-spaced email to the Cereal Company’s VP of Marketing to recommend which cereal is best targeted to each of the audience segments listed below. Save your email in a Word document.

Your email-style recommendation must consist of:

  • an attention-grabbing subject line
  • professional greeting to the VP
  • introduction of why you’re reaching out to him/her
  • identification of which segments you’d align with which cereals
  • an explanation of the data from your Excel exercise to support your decision
  • your professional email signature.

Audience segments:

  1. Ready-For-Anything Kids:  aged 4-12 y/o, loves high sugar content and probably needs more potassium in their breakfast
  2. Active In-Betweeners: aged 13-24, needs high protein and low fat content for breakfast
  3. Health-Conscious Adventurers: aged 25-54, counting calories and wants to limit carbohydrate consumption
  4. Living-Forever Seniors: aged 55+, values cereal options with high fiber and low sodium content

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