Submit your work preferably as a PowerPoint file. You may

Submit your work preferably as a PowerPoint file.  You may submit the summary as either slides in the PowerPoint file or in a separate Microsoft Word document.

Please closely follow the requirements of the rubric.  Notice in the rubric that you are not required to submit the production system. Make sure that your submission follows the sequence (order of requirements) of the rubric.

Make sure that you clearly denote which question you are addressing and your answer following (please number your responses if the final is in paper form).

When you are asked to discuss the connection between the core competence and the order winner(s) think about the following example: If the company is competing on cost (i.e. low prices), maybe they use a JIT system to manage the costs of inventory, as well as other activities. Here is a video of how Aldi is able to complete on cost:

Make sure to include the information that you learned from the tour, and any information that you can find online, and you can just note the information that you would like to include and searched for but could not find. It shows awareness of the information that you believe should be included in the project and the effort to collect that information.

The company that all students will use for their final individual project is FORD MOTOR COMPANY. In place of the live company visit, all students are expected to view the virtual tour of Ford Motor Company at the following link: (you need to copy this link for it to work…do not just click on it!)

Note that you will also need to do considerable additional research using the West Library remotely, Google, and other sources to complete your project (similar to the first and third group projects, but this time indivdiually).

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