This semester while we study group dynamics I want you


This  semester while we study group dynamics I want you to focus on/observe a  group that you are part of and use them as a case study regarding the  topics and theories we are exploring. This assignment is designed to be a  capstone paper that incorporates the specific learning objectives. It  might be helpful to keep a mini diary throughout the semester regarding  whatever team/group you decide to observe that you are part of. The  group can be a student group you are a part of, your place of  employment, a sports team, a religious organization, or any other group  you are part of that you believe can fulfill this assignment. 

At the end of the semester, you will turn in a 5 to 7-page double spaced paper  regarding the group dynamics you encountered and how you and your group  overcame these potential communication obstacles. You should cite our  textbook as you engage with at least four topics/theories discussed in our textbook.

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