You will submit your final presentation here for grading, and


You will submit your final presentation here for grading, and you will submit it to the discussion board this week as a draft for your peers to review and as a final product to share. See the discussion board for details

1. Choose a topic below. 

● Taken from the assigned reading in Butts chapter 12, page 401, “Ethical Reflection: Typical Unethical or Illegal Behaviors in Organizations”

2. Create a presentation of 10-15 slides or screens excluding the title and references.

● Your slides/screen should include titles, main ideas, bullet points, and relevant images, charts, graphs, etc. 

3. In your presentation:

● Describe an ethical situation, based on the chosen topic, that can get in the nurse’s way of practicing ethically. Describe the situation clearly and concisely.

● Identify how this situation relates to one provision within the Code of Ethics for Nurses.

● Identify two ethical principles that may arise when facing this situation.

● Discuss how a nurse might lessen the impact of the situation on the nurse’s practice.

● In addition to the course texts, cite and reference a minimum of two (2) additional scholarly sources to support your work.

● Close with a summary of your topic, and APA formatted reference slide(s).

Please read ” Focus on Small Business: Justin Beegel of Infographic World, Inc.” on page 429 – 430 of the textbook and discuss on the following questions:

1) Why did Justin Beegel run out of money to pay his bills?

2) What would you do differently from what Justin did when confronted with a financial crisis?

3) Does a good accounting system guarantee entrepreneurial success math assignment help?

4) In what ways does an inadequate accounting system impede entrepreneurial success?

Please read “Focus on Small Business: Bungii – a Pickup Truck on Demand” on page 505 -506 of the text book

And discuss the following questions:

1) How is the funding received from grants different from funding received through equity placement?

2) Why do you suppose that ben and Harrison’s decided not to attempt to borrow the capital they needed for start-up?

3) What is your opinion of Ben and Harrison’s using the list of donors engraved on the wall of the College of Business to find investors?

4) Why did Ben and Harrison choose to follow a different route to funding than the common reliance of friends, family, and fools? 

Public Health Now and Then Activity – Pests and Pesticides – Due Dec. 6th, 11:59 pm

Directions: You have to focus on the topic of pests and pesticides for this activity. Answer each of the following questions about pests and pesticides. You can earn a total of 50 points on this assignment. Note that the first 4 questions are worth 10 points and the last question is worth 20 points. To receive full credit on a question, you need to answer the question fully, thoughtfully, accurately, and without spelling or grammatical errors. If you use any sources outside of our classroom material (you are allowed to), be sure to use in-text citations and a reference at the end of your answer, using APA style. For some basics on citing in APA, check out this website. Please use your own words while answering the questions, and paraphrase as well as cite the content that you have gathered from other sources

Please upload a separate word document with your answers to the following questions – 

Question 1: In historical times, how did pests contribute to a variety of public health problems? Make sure to give specific examples. Your answer should be a minimum of 190 and maximum of 210 words in length. (10 points)

Question 2: The use of pesticides is not a new concept in terms of dealing with pests. Provide examples of pesticides that were used in historical times and continue to be used in contemporary times. Have their uses changed over time? Your answer should be a minimum of 190 and maximum of 210 words in length. (10 points)

Question 3: When DDT was first made available for public use in the 1940s, it was thought to be a “wonder chemical”. Over time both expert and public opinion changed. What are the environmental and health effects that were concerning regarding DDT? Your answer should be a minimum of 190 and maximum of 210 words in length. (10 points) assignment help

Question 4: In contemporary times, how has regulation played a role in mitigating the health effects of pesticides? Your answer should be a minimum of 190 and maximum of 210 words in length. (10 points)

Question 5: How do the combined issues of both pests and pesticides present a challenge to the public health community? Which issue do you think should be prioritized and why? How can Integrative Pest Management (IPM) balance the public health implications of these two issues? Imagine you are counseling a family regarding how they could use IPM to deal with mosquitoes in and around their home. What advice would you give them? Your answer should be a minimum of 390 and maximum of 410 words in length. (20 points)

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